Flare 2016

Flare is the annual socio-cultural Fest of PDPU, held during 15th April to 17th April 2016. Flare 2016 was proved to be another stepping stone for student activity in PDPU with a participation of more than 1000 students all over Gujarat. The three-day Fes..

Flare 2015

Flare’15 is relatively young, when it comes to college festivals. But that has never stopped us from putting up a great show year after year and keep going upwards. The valiant, exceptional and the talented stand a chance to take their place in the celebrated pantheon, that is flare, and lay an impo..


Petroleum Conclave ’14

After the triumphant proceedings of the Drilling & Completion Conclave 2012 and Exploration Conclave 2013, this year, the School of Petroleum Technology decided to take the conclave to the next level by organizing Petroleum Conclave 2014. This time horizon was wi..

3rd Convocation

University education is incomplete without being part of a ceremony called the Convocation. A student toils hard, day and night, learning the ways of life during his/her academic tenure, and this is the day when all the hard-work pays him/her back. SPM is particularly grateful for the cultural persp..